Welcome to my Wonderland

2016 год объявлен годом английского языка. Так что давайте читать на английском.


My flight was announced. I’ve passed the registration and total customs control. I was very tired. It was the moment I was waiting for – to relax and to fall asleep during the trip. When I woke up I was so fresh, I felt I had lost several years and became younger and happier, I guess…

When I appeared at the airport of the country I’ve arrived there was the big sign “Welcome to Wonderland”. I was searching for the custom control as usual, but my way was free, there was no any scanning or making me to take my cloth and shoes off. I wanted to take a stamp about my arrival into my passport but when I opened my ID there was the notice that I was a citizen of Wonderland.

I couldn’t figure it out. I’d taken my phone and typed into a search engine “Wonderland”. There was the information in Wikipedia about:

“Wonderland is not about candies and flowers, and even not about flying people themselves, but it is about one unique world without boundaries. Yes, your wonderland is inhabited by cosmopolitans, who don’t need visas or permission to go anywhere. There are no any kings and queens, presidents and imperators, parliaments and lords. Every human can suggest a new rule or correction of the old one via Internet and people vote for it or against online using their ID cards. That is the way how nations of all six continents and all the islands live and accept rules in Wonderland.  At the same time there are plenty of religions. You can believe whatever you want. It can be the cartoon hero or justice, your parents or God, the Sun or the Mars. There is one currency all over the world, and no one can rob citizens of Wonderland. Any financial structure can’t play old ugly games how to make dwellers of Wonderland poorer. There are no gun factories. They have been modified in the laboratory to create drugs against deadly diseases. It is absolutely peace, because people don’t have reasons to fight, they are totally happy. Of course wonderlanders have things to care about. For example, they are searching for solutions to make solar systems to work more effectively, or to make free-oil car more comfortable or to clean the river from leaves, because there is no any other trash or toxic in it. “

I’ve started to pinch myself because I’d realized that was just a dream, but I didn’t wake up. I still was standing alone in the airport of the perfect country. I’ve decided to take a cup of coffee and entered the cute coffee shop. When I took my wallet to pay I saw unknown banknotes, the rainbow and the sun were drawn on them. I laughed. The barista wanted to know the reason and to share my happiness. “It’s ridiculous – I said,-We are adults, for what rainbow and the sun on banknotes, unicorn is missing” – I could not resist, so as not to sneer. I noticed my words offended the pretty barista and all she answered was: “You can make a suggestion to change the banknote’s design if you don’t like it and you do have better ideas”. It sounded interesting, I read about it but didn’t know how to use this right and barista, whose name was Mina, explained it to me. By the way, coffee was the most delicious I’ve ever tasted.


I was sitting on the sofa, still at the airport, and thinking how to change the banknote. It wasn’t really important for me but I wanted to check whether the system worked. I’ve made several drafts: with open eye, pyramid or the woman with the crown and caught myself that my versions are more stupid than rainbow and the sun. I’ve entered the system online and typed my offer: “Banknote’s design: let’s add unicorn”. Then I scanned my ID with the phone – that was my vote and started to wait. I looked around and saw that all people at the same time had gotten the message and they started to scan their ID and to vote. That was awesome! My offer was accepted, there were over six billion voices, and my project took 96%. Then the system created timelines and new banknotes were planning to appear the next month.  I couldn’t believe it was true. This incredible system worked perfect. I was so glad that accidentally spilled coffee on my trousers.  It was hot, neighbor on the plane apologetically tried to wipe, I opened my eyes and immediately realized the borders between real and dream.


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